NIKOFREE Mint Candy is antioxcidant-rich supplement which allows you to detox your lungs from tar and toxins, reduce the risk of infection and cancer, increase lung capacity and improve the general health of the respiratory tract. NIKOFREE helps detoxify and cleanse the delicate respiratory linings of the bronchial passages and lungs, which often have an accumulation of environmental toxins, harmful organisms and irritants. NIKOFREE promotes normal lung functioning, reduces any swelling and inflammation, and rejuvenates lung vitality and strength. Furthermore, NIKOFREE helps clear mucus from the airways and improves circulation to the lungs. NIKOFREE even helps treat chronic bronchitis, asthma, throat infections as well as bad breath. Who needs NIKOFREE: 1. Smokers, both active and passive. 2. Ex-smoker. 3. People who live in areas with polluted air. 4. People who concerns about health. Why NIKOFREE are essential: 1. The ultimate organs defender. 2. High in antioxidant ingredients 3. Strong antibacterial qualities. 4. All natural remedies, no negative side effect. NIKOFREE benefits: 1. Improves the strength of your lungs. 2. Enhances lungs capacity. 3. Improves the quality of breathing. 4. Prevents emphysema and lung cancer. 5. Reduces risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 6. Eliminates toxin, tar and nicotine. NIKOFREE's effective nutritional ingredients: 1. Ginger 2. Cumin 3. Green Apple 4. Garlic 5. Lemon How to consume NIKOFREE: Take minimum 2 tablets per day and chew until it dissolves in your mouth. Maximum consumption are 10 tablets per day. 60 tablets candy x 1000mg 1 bottle = 30days supply



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